NEWS: FramerD 2.6 released by beingmeta

is a free-form distributed object database and development environment supporting millions of objects and optimized for pointer-intensive structures and operations. FramerD includes a variety of inference procedures and a scripting language based on R4RS scheme with special extensions for non-determinstic programming and sophisticated text and document handling. FramerD comes with a high performance Apache-based servlet architecture which allows responsive web-based applications and template based scripting through interpreted FDXML files. Detailed documentation of FramerD can be found here.
FramerD 2.6 is available under the Lesser GNU Public License and can be downloaded from Sourceforge ( or the following locations:
Kind: File: URL:
[Source] framerd-2.6.1.tar.gz
[WIN32] fdinstall261.exe
[OS X] FramerD.dmg
[x386 RPM] framerd-2.6.1-1 .i386.rpm
[Source RPM] framerd-2.6.1-1.src.rpm
[x386 DEB] [framerd_2.6.1-3_i386.deb
FramerD 2.6 includes various bug fixes and expanded error handling but significantly adds:
More Information:
More information about FramerD can be found at including extensive documentation. More information about beingmeta can be found at