FramerD 2.3 is now available as a beta release.

The beta release of FramerD 2.3 is now available to be downloaded.
(Note that FramerD development has now moved from MIT to SourceForge.)

FramerD provides:

New with Version 2.3 of FramerD, we have:

As mentioned above, development work on FramerD and Java FramerD have now moved from MIT to SourceForge and anonymous CVS access is available at

Developers are encouraged to join the work on FramerD; the current wish list includes:

For help already received, special thanks are due to Ralph Campbell, Tim Chklovski, and Matthew Fredette for bug finding. In addition, thanks to beingmeta, inc. for providing a copy of Insure++ to help in making FramerD a more robust and secure platform.

The primary support for FramerD development has also moved from MIT to beingmeta inc., an early-stage startup developing semantically rich knowledge and content management solutions based on a variety of technologies including FramerD. beingmeta is committed to FramerD remaining an open-source technology developed by a heterogenous community and released under the GPL or LGPL. The final MIT version of FramerD, FramerD 2.2, has been officially released under the LGPL and is available at or