FramerD 2.2 is now available as an official release. Enhancements in FramerD 2.2 include:

The released version of FramerD 2.2 can be downloaded from Bug reports are welcomed at and a discussion among interested users is hosted at Announcements of major releases are available through You may subscribe to these mailing lists from the FramerD web site or by sending email to with the subject line `subscribe mlist' (e.g. `subscribe discuss-framerd').

Unlike FramerD 2.0, FramerD 2.2 is released under the GNU LGPL (Lesser/Library General Public License) Version 2 which permits the building of non-GPL applications using FramerD. Binary releases are currently available only for Linux x86 and Win32, though it has successfuly compiled and run its test suites on a variety of platforms. Sources for compilation are, of course, available from the download site.