BRICO Ontology Experimental
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The BRICO ontology is available as a FramerD database.

The BRICO (for "bricolage", a French word meaning something like "robust but diverse mishmash") knowledge base is an integration of several distinct knowledge resources in FramerD. It is provided for research and educational purposes only, reflecting restrictions on the component resources which were used to generated it. The Brico knowledge base combines the following information sources:

The links between these structures are generated automatically, so their quality is extremely uneven. Nonetheless, the structure of each individual ontology is separate and robust.

One can browse an online version of the Brico knowledge base either from this specialized page or simply enter a few english words in the form below.

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The Brico knowledge base can also be used by programs through the FramerD server at brico@framerd.org or the data files can be downloaded directly and used with FramerD.