FramerD C API Tutorials


Welcome to the FramerD C API Tutorials. This set of documents should get you started with programming FramerD at the lowest levels, and give you the familiarity you need to spelunk the source code.

Please note that I've written these tutorials "as you go", during my own exploration of the FramerD system. Thus, they reflect my personal choices and focuses. If there are things you'd like to see covered, or more thoroughly covered, and I'll let you know if I've the cycles. Of course, feel free to send patches, corrections, and additional tutorials.


Rather than intersperse setup/configuration steps in the tutorials themselves, I've chosen to consolidate the various setup steps in the Test Server Setup document. This situation may change as these tutorials take shape, but for now, look to that document for setup steps that need to occur before each tutorial.


The tutorials themselves start from the very simple, and evolve as we go along. Links and short descriptions to each tutorial follow:

Tutorial Description
pool-get.c Initializing FramerD, connecting to a pool, parsing and OID, retrieving an OID's value, printing the formatted value.

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