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These documents describe FramerD, a database designed for generating, managing, and using very large pointer-intensive data sets. It is especially appropriate for structures such as semantic networks, domain ontologies, and hypermedia. The FramerD implementation includes fdscript, a Scheme-based very high level language especially designed to support text processing, artificial intelligence, and multimedia scripting. FramerD and FDScript also support international programming with Unicode, multi-threaded programming with the Posix threads model, and a novel text analysis package for reading and interacting with outside services and databases.

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User's Guide to FramerD
[Installation]  [Listeners]  [Customizing FramerD]  [Configuration Files]  [An Extended Example]  [Shell Commands]  [Using FramerD from Emacs]  [Invoking FDScript

GNU General Public License
FramerD and FDScript are released under the GNU General Public License and are free of charge under that license.

FramerD Concepts  
[OIDs and the Object Database]  [Persistent Indices]  [Frames in FramerD]  [Searching for Frames]  [The DTYPE Protocol

Programming in FDScript
[Distributed Programming]  [Choices]  [Hash tables, sets, etc.]  [Formatted Output]  [OS functions including time, resources, and users]  [Accessing Information about Files]  [Internationalization]  [Writing Shell Scripts]  [Programming in the Large]  [Remote and Local Subjobs]  [Sequence Functions]  [Dirty macros]  [Text matching, searching, and substitution]  [Specialized parsers for HTML & XML, EMAIL messages, and English morphology.]

Writing FramerD Servers
[Simple Servers]  [Security Concerns]  [More Complicated Servers]  [Administering Servers]  [Hairy fdserver invocations]

Writing FramerD Web Applications
[Generating Markup]  [HTML builtins]  [Making links]  [Complex Links]  [Dyamic Pages from FDScript]  [Script Variables]  [Using HTML forms]  [CGI-VAR and CGI-INIT]  [Cookies]  [Frames to Anchors]  [HTTP generation: connection control and metadata] [Using mod_fdserv] [Configuring your web server]

Programming FramerD from C
[Directory Structure]  [C Types]  [Exception Handling]  [String Streams]  [Lisp Pointers]  [Unicode Representation]  [Lisp Types]  [Evaluator Types]  [Implementing Modules

FramerD/FDScript C API  

Why Should I use FramerD?  

FramerD: Representing Knowledge in the Large from the IBM Systems Journal (Volume 35, Numbers 3&4, 1996)

Tripp Lilley's Very Experimental API Tutorials, an documentary experience introducing FramerD low-level fundamentals