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what's new? [FramerD 2.6 is released for Unix, WIN32, and OS X!] (22 January 2005)
what is
FramerD is a portable distributed object-oriented database designed to support the maintenance and sharing of knowledge bases. Unlike other object-oriented databases, FramerD is optimized for the sort of pointer-intensive data structures used by semantic networks, frame systems, and many intelligent agent applications. FramerD databases readily include millions of searchable frames and may be distributed over multiple networked machines. FramerD includes an extensive scripting language based on Scheme with special support for web-based interfaces.
FramerD is implemented in ANSI C and has been compiled for a wide range of platforms, including many varieties of Unix, Mac OS X, WIN32. In addition, experimental Java and Lisp libraries exist for accessing FramerD databases and services.
FramerD's development is primarily supported by beingmeta, a company developing the next generation of tools for knowledge-based search, interaction, and automation.
FramerD is designed for incremental and collaborative data and knowledge base development. One primary cause of brittleness, incompatability, and obsolesence in advanced applications is the premature codification of structures, protocols, and semantics. FramerD was designed to provide robust and efficient data management without extensive up-front specification of data and operations. Developed at MIT's Media Laboratory, FramerD has been used for four years in developing information access and machine understanding applications.
FramerD sources and platform releases are available free of charge under the GNU GPL. Inquiries about less restrictive commercial licenses should be directed to MIT's Technology Licensing Office.
thanks FramerD was originally developed at MIT's Media Laboratory by Ken Haase. The laboratory's support, especially from its News In the Future program, is gratefully acknowledged. The primary development of FramerD is currently supported by beingmeta, a developer of next-generation content and knowledge management tools.
FramerD development is currently hosted by SourceForge which hosts and supports FramerD and numerous other open-source projects.